The Sundering

A cataclysmic event of unknown origin that devastated the world of Sanctuary. It is said that on that day existence turned against itself, mountains exploded in volcanic ash, boulders fell from the sky, great magical devices self-destructed or turned against their makers, giant earthquakes leveled entire civilizations and massive tidal waves drowned millions.

After the initial disaster Sanctuary’s atmosphere was filled with ash and debris that blocked out the sun for nearly a year. Crops died all over the planet, thousands of species became extinct and those that survived the initial disaster had to now deal with famine, pestilence and battles fought over resources against other groups of survivors.

On that day hundreds of different disasters wiped out most of the civilized world and those few who survived dealt with unimaginable hardship. So it is said that when the skys began to clear the survivors climbed from the rubble of civilization and began to seek out new lives and healthy land to rebuild upon and so began the Great Exodus.

What Caused It?

None now alive knows. Many feel that it was a war fought with magic by the great nations of the past while others feel that it was an attack on Sanctuary by an force not of this world. Whatever the case it seems as if existence that day tore itself to shreds and most survivors came to the conclusion that magic played a big part in the disaster. This has caused anything from caution to great fear exhibited by the survivors and their decedents of anything magical. Some more radical nations have gone so far as to outlaw magic users all together and kill offenders on sight.

Other Effects

For those that survived The Sundering it became the point where the old world died and a new was born. Almost by default it became the standard on how to measure time (ie. It’s been 60 years since) and is now the zero point in the calendar used throughout Abilon. Years that passed before the Sundering count down to zero with the notation: BTS (Before the Sundering) while years hence count up with the notation: YOS (Year of our Survival) Note the calander does note move from 1 BTS to 1 YOS, there is a year “zero,” the Sundering and the year of darkness that followed encompassed in the “zero” year as if it was outside of time. For more information see the Abilonian Standard Calendar.

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The Sundering

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